LMA Systems Group, Inc.
Providing quality services and products to reach optimum performance and add quality to life.

Corporate Office:  1848 Charter Lane
Lancaster, PA  17601-5896
717.509.8889 / 877.562.2888 (LMA Consulting)
717.394.6688 / 800.327.7770 (Life Management/LMA-EAP)


Our Mission
Recognize, evaluate and satisfy each client's needs by providing quality services and products to reach optimum performance and add quality to life.

Our Guiding Principles in Practice
Working in partnership as a Comprehensive Organization and Human Development Resource, we:

  • Help each client achieve a higher level of performance
  • Anticipate the needs and expectations of our clients, their organization and their system
  • Nurture long-term relationships and strategic alliance as a joint investment in our futures
  • Work to align Vision, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Performance and Results - the total System
  • Constantly renew and refine our commitment to associates, clients and suppliers as partners
  • Achieve excellence in the things we do, assuring client-focused quality in services and products
  • Integrate the use of scientific method as a natural work process and systematic approach
  • Practice continuous improvement, learning and innovation
  • Create leadership and excellence through invested individuals and teams
  • Show a passion for what we do

LMA Systems Group Inc. Today
Since our founding in 1982 we have grown, serving Lancaster County and the Mid-Atlantic States, with five offices, on-site services and affiliates across the U.S.  Our team includes specialists in organization development, psychotherapy, human resource services, career management, training and development programs, assessment, evaluation and testing, children's psychological services, substance abuse, behavioral health, social work, psychiatry, critical response and employee assistance.

Over the years we have built our firm by providing quality services and building long-term relationships.  We have added associates and service sites to develop our service depth and to remain accessible.  We continue to prosper by learning with and from each other and our clients as an interdependent, comprehensive system.

We believe the integration of personal, family and organizational services into one firm makes sense because work impacts the home and events in life are both personal and work-related.  The true integration of clinical and organizational services into one system results in our unique capabilities and position in our market.

LMA Consulting Group
Aligning people, performance and strategy since 1982.

Improving teamwork and group performance, creating change, planning for succession - a sampling of strategies that lead to organization development.  LMA consulting helps clarify expectations, set strategic directions, align structure and confirm roles.  We assist our clients in converting vision into results by implementing, measuring and evaluating growth, leading change and focusing improvement.  We help each client achieve a higher level of performance by working with the total system.

Organization development includes strategic consulting, planning and management services; human resource services, and assessment; learning, performance and career services combining a wide range of on-site and public training programs, performance coaching, career pathing and career continuation.

Life Management Associates
With you every step of the way

Life Management Associates offers a comprehensive range of psychological and behavioral healthcare services with an active, problem-solving approach.  Our relationships with clients provide them with responsibility and control.

Psychological and behavioral services include a comprehensive range of psychotherapy and evaluation, adult and child psychology, medication evaluation and management;  Employee Assistance Services and Critical Response Services.  Our systems-based employee assistance and managed mental healthcare process integrates these services within the workplace.  We accept employer, private and professional referral.

Today LMA Systems Group is recognized as one of the preferred professional service firms in our market.  There is responsibility that comes with this recognition.  We have an excellent team of people, expertise and experience; but this demands a consistent, personal and organizational commitment to service - on each client's terms and in their best interests. 

This is hard, rewarding work.  Our clients' individual and collective needs guide our work together.  We feel there isn't any better way to conduct business, provide service or contribute to our community.